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Audience Information

As discussed in the development methodology, this element is concerned with pin-pointing the target audience as well as considering information about the audience relevant to the web development.

Cluster Diagram

To establish the target audience for the ICS web, I wrote down every potential user I could think of, and then arranged them into the following cluster diagram;

I then made use of colour to identify;

The remaining (unshaded) groups of people, I decided will come under a different category.

Principle Audience Definition

The principle audience definition (the most popular first) can therefore be considered to be;

  1. Current ICS students
  2. Current ICS staff
  3. Potential ICS students
  4. Friends of current personnel

I believe the current ICS students will make most use of the web, and I have decided to bear this group in mind when designing the home page.

Audience Characteristics

Much of the information I am giving at this stage may not have a direct contribution to the design of the web. I still supply this information, however, to allow reviews of the web to understand my reasoning about forthcoming elements of the web.

This is a list of characteristics of the audience, relevant to developing the web.

Audience Concerns

This is a list of relevant concerns of the target audience. This list explores what the audience want with relation to the departmental web.

Audience Activities

This list explores activities of the target audience which may give more information about them, or more insight into how the web can best suit their needs.

A later addition to the target audience not seen here, are people trying to locate research projects. This group of people have similar concerns and characteristics to the "friends of current members". This component of the web will be featured in subsequent sections.

Thus, I now have a definition of the target audience, as well as lists of useful information about them. This will contribute to the next web element, the purpose statement.

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